In case you haven’t noticed, we, at Flare, LOVE to ride our bikes. Basically when we’re not out riding our bikes, we’re either eating to refuel for our next bike ride, sleeping so we’re awake enough to ride our bikes, creating new clothes for biking, or making friends/ hanging out with people who also like to ride bikes. 
You get it. We like riding bikes. And I’m guessing you do too. As fun as it is to ride our bikes however, sometimes you need a little motivation to get out there. So, if you, like millions of other people in the world, are suffering from NEB (Not Enough Biking), before you turn to your doctor for prescription medication, try reading this. Here are 9 reasons to ride your bike more:
1. Biking makes you healthier: From road cycling to downhill biking, biking is a great form of exercise. Gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing. Studies everywhere prove that exercise is a fundamental aspect in living a healthy life. You’ll feel better, you’ll be stronger, and you’ll be able to run faster when you hear the ice cream truck down the street (we might be cyclists, but we’ll always run for ice cream)
2. Biking alleviates stress + anxiety: This works two fold. One part being that exercise in general helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. Secondly, biking helps to bring you into the present moment. If you’re a mountain biker, you’re constantly scanning the trail looking for obstacles and if you’re a road cyclist, you’re focusing on the breath and scanning the road for gravel and pot holes. Being in the present moment eliminates stress because stress is created when you’re “here” and your mind is “there.” Think about that one. 
3. Biking creates good stories: No good stories were made from sitting on the couch. Well, maybe some stories, but certainly not any good ones. Biking, no matter how you slice it, is an adventure. A lot of the time you’re riding a new trail, trying a new feature, or hitting a new jump. Either way, it’s bound to create some great stories for when you’re recovering with your pals on the couch. 
4. Biking helps you breathe better: There’s no substitute for fresh air. Outside is where we were meant to live. Getting your lungs pumping outside is both detoxifying and cleansing. And did you know that if you don’t take deep breaths regularly, your body can actually lose the ability to take a deep breath? Scary thought. Better go biking, eh
5. Biking makes you happier: Adventure + nature + regular exercise + fun times with friends = happiness. But you knew that one already. Okay, but seriously, people who live in colder climates are prone to something called Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD). This is a disorder caused by not getting enough sunshine, it happens in the winter when people tend to hole up inside for a couple months. It’s a real thing and the result is unhappiness, or worse, depression. Maybe it’s time to try out fat biking after all…
6. Biking helps you sleep better: Spending more time in nature helps to reset our circadian rhythms which influence our sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature, and other important bodily functions. Aside from that, physical exercise alleviates stress and stress alleviates the stimulation of the Sympathetic Nervous System. I’m sure we’ve all experienced how hard it is to sleep when we’re stressed about something. That’s because the body interprets all stress as a reason to activate the Sympathetic Nervous System, which is our fight-or-flight response. Sleeping requires stimulus of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, so does digestion and healing, by the way! So in other words, getting more exercise and incessantly reducing your stress can have so many positive effects on your health including better sleep.
7. Biking makes you feel alive: Whether it’s through pushing your limits physically (V02 max, heart rate, or Strava PB) or through pushing through your fears hitting a big drop or riding a technical steep line. Of this I am sure, biking will always let you know you’re alive. 
8. Biking helps you spend more time outside: The fractal patterns of nature help to reset your mind, reduce stress and improve your overall state of well being. Couple that with the exercise that spending time in nature pairs well with, the improved air quality, the ability to receive the sun’s natural energy, and the grounding effects of nature, it’s no wonder we feel better after spending time outside. Biking helps us achieve our daily quota for nature.
9. Because you already bought it… And we’d hate to see all your hard work go to waste.
Sooo… go ride your damn bike!
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