Finally, the day is here the BPW road trip begins. Thankfully not too much of an early start. We set off about 8:30am and cruised down to the Forest of Dean. Once there, we (my mum, my dad and I) got ready and waited for our mates to arrive. While we were waiting, my mum and I nipped down to the café to grab some cake. Mmmm.  Once we had gobbled up our cake, one of our mate’s vans pulled up. In the van, was 10yr old Frank, 8yr old Kasha and their parents Bev and Marc. Bev and Frank went on the uplift to storm down the mountain while Marc, Kasha, my mum, my dad and I rode the Verderers blue route. On the blue we found a skills section in the forest which is part of the red trail. After I sessioned the jumps I eventually cracked it and it felt great.

Once we had finished the blue route, my dad decided we should go and try one of the downhill sections. The downhill section was called the LAUNCHPAD. To get to the LAUNCHPAD we had to push up a dragging climb. At the top of the climb, my mum set off downhill first, closely followed by me and my dad with the camera. Going down the LAUNCHPAD made me feel confident ready for BPW with its steep chutes, fast berms and high rollers.  

When eventually finished, we went over to the vans and met back up with Bev and Frank. We soon realised our OTHER mates were already here and riding around the Verderers trail. Had time for a cup of tea and they were back. 9yr old Shea and 12yr old Trinity and their parents Sonia and Derek. We all got our vans loaded and headed over to the Travelodge in Merthyr Tydfil to then get ready for tea at 7:00pm. Once we had finished our tea we all went to our hotel and fell asleep ready for our early start in the morning.

In the morning, we got into our biking clothes and headed over to BIKE PARK WALES WOOP!! Once there, we went and signed in and got yellow uplift tags for our bikes. When we were all ready, we set off on the uplift trail to the bus. On the uplift trail, it was fairly bumpy and rocky and it also felt really weird because I was wearing a full-face helmet. Once up there, we all loaded our bikes onto the trailer. Joining us, was my Auntie Sarah and Uncle Karl. When we were at the top, we unloaded our bikes and set off to the very top. At the top, I felt nervous, happy and excited at the same time.

 First, we all went down Sixtapod and Willy Waver. There both blue graded trails and are a bit pedaly at times but great fun. Perfect for starting out on. Loads of fast berms from top to bottom with some table tops and rocks to deal with. We did the same run down over and over until we decided to try Terrys Belly but I didn’t find it quite so fun. Berm after berm after berm which I found difficult to keep my speed on and it dragged on for ages (longest run at BPW). At dinner time, we went down some other blue trails that took us back to the café. They were called Melted Welly, Blue Belle and Bush Wacker. They were fairly similar to the first runs which I found more fun.  

 For my dinner, (there was loads to choose from) I had the bacon carbonara with fries and ketchup which was delicious.

After dinner, we went back to the uplift bus and did 3 more runs on Sixtapod and Willly Waver until on the third one my mum fell off and now has unfortunately broken her hand.  Before the unfortunate incident we tried a new trail called Popty ping (microwave in welsh), it is the fast-new blue line full of tabletops and joins onto Terry’s Belly. I’ll need more jump practise before I do that again. On my last uplift, I rode Sixtapod and Willy Waver but unfortunately got puncture and had to ride my auntie’s bike down, which was a bit strange. That was the last uplift I could do .            

All in all, a great two days riding with my mates. FOD is great fun and BPW is perfect for first timers to experience downhill riding and uplifts.

Today I look back and say BEST 2 DAYS I’VE HAD IN AGES!!

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