First time between the tape
So the start of my race career was at Tidworth bike park for the 1st round of the Root 1 summer series, it was a really nice chilled event to get into racing.
Photo credit @bethchloetattoos
I was a tad nervous going into this, as expected, after I got signed on and put my number board on my bike, I took a nice steady walk to the start for a practice. Taking in what I could of the track, Sick Note, I sat on the start ramp, pulled my helmet and goggles on and heard my countdown, all my nerves left me and I set off for my first run, the track was nice and flowy up top, then it went into a series of tight rooty corners, then it opened up into a sprint towards the finish line.
My second practice run felt good so on my third I gave it some gas, unfortunately I caught the rider infront up, it gave me a chance to check line choices, my last practice run was a lot better, I managed to get a good clear run on the hill and felt good for racing.
There was a small break until the first race run so I took in some fluids and a snack, made my way up the hill so I had some chill time at the top.
So as the riders set of it finally came to me, as I sat listening to the countdown I got a tad nervous again, but I told myself I’m just riding my bike so have fun.
I left the start gate, gave a good sprint into the first set of corners and jumps, felt nice and smooth and flowy, got into the woods and missed a line slightly into the first root section, made it through the tight technical corners well, hit the last two corners and gave it a full on sprint to the finish line.
Photo credit @scrunks_mtbdad
I had placed in 8th with a 106.8 run and felt confident.
After a small break to recoup, the second runs came around pretty quickly so I headed back up, other riders left the start gate, I told myself just push harder and take a few more risks where possible.
As I left the gate I hammered the start and felt fast, got through the flowy section and nice and smooth out the bomb hole
I took a better line into the woods and pushed as hard as I could, I hit the last corner and sprinted my hardest.
Photo credit @bethchloetattoos
My second run was 0.4 quicker, which kept me in 8th in my category and 55th out of 200 riders for the day which I was super happy with!!
Safe to say I will be racing again.
Rob Allcoat aka Flarebear

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