I have always loved birthdays….. however, as I approached this one I found myself counting down in my head, and I started to ponder- how did this happen???!!!

For years now I have wondered when I would start to feel my age – like, start to act grown up, be an adult… I am not sure that has ever really happened. As my birthday got closer I wondered if this would be the time – if a switch would click over and I would be grown up?

OK, I have to get used to saying it – I am now 50… I have been this age for just over a week now, and I don’t feel any different!

I have however been focussing for the last few months on getting stronger and fitter – I have no intention of easing off, of giving up my hobbies, my passion for mountain biking… but I accept that my body may need a bit more looking after if I want to stay healthy and strong.

I now work with a personal trainer and lift weights that I would never have thought possible…. I have been making myself get on the dreaded turbo trainer and do punishing interval and sprint sessions… I have helped out at a Downhill training camp (repeated runs of the Dunkeld DH track..on a trail bike…at my age!!) Loved it! And I am determined to give my level 3 mountain bike leader assessment my best shot!

Immediate birthday celebrations involved 4 bike rides….2 big days out in the lakes and 2 local spins, lovely food, some drink, an amazing cake …and of course mates and family!! Plus many lovely gifts and a fabulous selection of cards..

I was asked last week if my attitude would be different if I was still slaving away in my corporate job – who knows?! All I know is that I am full of energy and life – I’m not stopping anytime soon! I’ll do the training- I may even go for the odd run (it will be very odd) to keep my bones strong…(or I could drink more milk!)..
The celebrations will continue through the year – I love birthdays and will milk this one! I have a few bike big trips planned, am racing at 10 under the ben at the end of the month and then have a couple of alpine trips to look forward to in the summer..  #funatfifty #teamflare
Liz Peacock

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