We are delighted to introduce you to Jessica Pyper, the latest new member of Team Flare.  Jess is based in Golden, British Columbia and spends her days helping other people reach their potential.

 Jessica Pyper

About me:

I consider myself to be an adventure enthusiast. A mountain biker and MTB instructor, snowboarder, yoga teacher and traveller, but most of all I am a lover of all things FUN.  I have been mountain biking since I was a kid; my mom taught me the love of cross-country biking, but since those early days, I’ve fallen more in love with the downhill and free-ride aspects of the sport.

I love helping people overcome fear, build self-confidence, be more grateful and love themselves more through teaching both yoga and mountain biking.  I run mountain bike and yoga combined retreats and workshops.  When I’m not out biking, you’ll likely find me snowboarding, because unless it’s winter, I’m pretty much always on my bike.

Find out more about Jess and her retreats/ travels here: www.jessicapyper.com



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