Kate Holbrook is our first Australian Team Flare member. She joins the team after catching our eye when we did a call out for new members.  Find out a bit more about her below!

Age: A lady never reveals her age! But I’m not very ladylike – I’m 35

Base:  Adelaide, Australia. That’s in South Australia where the summers are long and hot and trails are dusty and rocky

Favourite chocolate bar: Anything from local chocolatier Haighs

Favourite post ride refreshment: Chocolate milkshake or G&T

Favourite trick: Skids. Big fat skids

Disciplines:  Enduro

Work: Volunteers with Gravity Girls Adelaide

 Kate in her Flare kit

About me:

My big plan for the year is to ride the Megavalanche in July.  In a vain attempt to prepare for that I will be racing the Brake Burner Enduro at Bike Buller. Although, Mt Buller is only 1,600m high and there won’t be any snow like at the Mega, I’m hoping it’ll help in some way.

I volunteer with a group called the Gravity Girls Adelaide – an awesome community of MTB ladies. We organise group rides and coaching clinics.  Finally, I also run the local gravity Enduro race series in South Australia. It would be fair to say that 100% of my spare time is spent either on the bike or on bike related matters.

Flare was my lucky race kit in 2016 so when I found out about the Flare Ambassador program I was so excited. I am so in love with my kit!


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