4th of August, the day has arrived, all piled in the van to begin our epic adventure to France. I won’t bore you with the details of our journey all you need to know is it was very long. We went through the Channel Tunnel, ahhh!!. Scary thought, all that water about you. And there were weird squatty toilets on the motorways, eww.. 800 miles later we arrived in Tignes and to our chalet overlooking the lake, WOW!!

Snow-capped mountains as far as you could see. The scenery was beautiful even on rubbish weather days, which we had it all. Sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, cold and even snow , then a full week of hot sunshine and dusty trails.

I absolutely loved the fact you could go riding every day but be relaxed in the morning because the chairlifts were less than 5 minutes up the road. Which was strange for us as we’re usually up nice and early for a long journey ahead of us to find a hill.

Tignes in its self is an amazing place the atmosphere is very friendly and the chairlifts are free.

 If you don’t fancy going biking there is a wide range of other activities to have a go at like: peddalo, archery, trampolining and many others. I won’t blab on too much about that, lets get back to the biking.

The one part of the holiday I found the scariest was probably going up on the chair lift and riding on the green for the first time because of the natural steepness of the trails. You soon get used to it though and I progressed onto the blues and some red trails in no time.

Also, the trails were way longer compared to the trails here in England. The great thing about Tignes is that you can just keep going up for more and more runs. From the central area, you can choose the Palafor chair lift or Le Toviere gondola which then lets you ride the other side of the mountains and down to Val D’isere.

My mate Frank and me at Val.

It was great to go on epic adventures going down and across to various lifts rather than up and down and ending up in the same carpark like you do in this country. There were five different lifts in total.

The trails were awesome, there was enough for our whole group ranging from greens right up to double blacks. There were also Enduro and xc trails (but we didn’t do them – too busy enjoying the downhills).

I met another Flare rider whilst out on the mountain, how cools that.

Meeting Danny Wilson half way down the “Red Hot” trail.

I really enjoyed being able to shred with my mates and as we had 2 weeks there were plenty of opportunities to do that.  

Who needs the boys, us lot doing it for the girls!!!

My mum and me.

Selfie time!!

I had the most amazing time in the French Alps – if you love riding your bike you will love Tignes

Hope we go back next year!!!

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