Mountain biking is evolving, growing and becoming more mainstream, and I’m ok with it. I have watched this happen before my eyes, living and riding bikes in British Columbia, Canada over the last decade. There never used to be ladies only rides or clinics, or if there were they weren’t in most of our communities.

Flash forward to today… Kamloops (and many other communities in BC) now has dedicated ladies groups that ride weekly at varying skill levels. The bike industry is making women specific bikes and clothing (and finally getting it right ). Plus there are ladies specific clinics in almost every small town across the province. We are witnessing the ladies movement.



I am happy to say that I have benefited from this movement. To name a few, I have gained skills, have way more riding buddies who are woman, and I have become a certified mountain bike coach. When I moved towns and first arrived in Kamloops, I was welcomed into the local riding scene. There were cross country rides, trail rides and DH rides; all women specific and all welcoming me to join in. I couldn’t be more thankful for my riding community.

Just last week I was invited to coach at an evening ladies clinic with two other awesome coaches. The clinic was arranged through a local ladies riding group, the Dirt Chix, who have 130 woman signed up for the weekly group rides. These woman are amazing and the group has been growing steadily each year. Thanks to our local bike shop, the Bicycle Café Kamloops, the Dirt Chix have the support they need to learn and grow.

It is communities and groups like this that make me realise how important it is that our sport is becoming more mainstream and accessible. It doesn’t matter your age or ability, you can go get on a bike and ride. Mountain biking really can be for everyone, and I would like to consider our ladies movement is to thank.

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