When @Benmooreracing told us he’d be taking in part in this weekend’s Red Bull Dark Knights event in Singapore we had a great idea … let’s see if we can make a jersey that will get #Flare on the map and give us the freedom to get as many puns as we can into the following paragraphs!

So keep your eyes peeled for Ben who is set be a ‘shining example’ when he enters the frayon Saturday. Ben will be on sparkling form with our one-off Jersey design that will light up under the Singapore night sky.  The Flare logo design is made from reflective vinyl material that will shine bright (like a diamond?) under the cameras.

Shine bright like a diamond

This is the first time Ben has raced in Singapore and he is stoked to have this one-off in his bag as he sets off, “The jersey that will light up the Singapore night on Saturday the 4th looks epic! I’m really proud to be representing the British companies at this one.”

We wish him well and look forward to bathing in his – reflective – glory!  

Catch up with all the action here:


@benmooreracing (insta and twitter)

Dark Knights’ page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/605161239643678/

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