After a nasty crash herself, the lady in charge, Hannah at Flare Clothing asked me to put together a quick blog on how to get through the dark time that is injury time. Seeing as I’m no stranger to injury she’s picked the right person! Thanks fully Hannah is fine and escaped from her crash with only bumps and bruises. Slightly different for me, this year I have managed to break two bones, that’s one more than last year! Here are my set of tips to help you see light at the end of the tunnel!



  1. Don’t beat yourself up over it

What has happened has happened and there’s no undoing it. My second injury this year was the hardest to overcome as I really felt lady luck has ditched me. But sitting on the sofa, won’t fix you it will just make you a couch potato and seeing as you’re a MTB’er I’m guessing that pretty far from the real you! Write some notes, put it all in perspective and find a way to exercise around your injury to try to keep as mobile as possible.

  1. Set goals

Give yourself both short and long term goals and write them down. Short term goals will more than likely surround your injury so could be progression in terms of movement or strength. Long term could be a race or a group ride you have planned.

  1. Remember you are not the only one

You may feel like you are the only one missing out sat on the side-lines, but you’re not. I was injured around the same time as Jerome Clements was this year, it helps to keep track of another rider you respect and see how they make it through their personal battle. It’s amazing to see how quickly they recover and it great for your own motivation.



  1. Listen to your body

Basically if it hurts rest, if it feels good then use it! I’m not talking about feeling good and going out to conquer that massive drop you’ve had your eye on, I’m talking more like picking up the cup of tea with the broken hand today rather than the unbroken one.


  1. Eat clean

Your body will be working overtime to fix the problem, be it growing new bone or healing bruises. Make sure you help it out by giving it the best possible fuel, cut out the junk food and get on the green veg and protein!


It’s never going to easy, an injury sucks whichever way you look at it but it really helps if you can find a positive in the situation and exploit the extra time you have during enforced rest. I had a lot of time of my hands recently and used it to forge some great new relationships in the bike world, a very good use for the down time. I hope you never have to heed my advice but if you do – heal up soon! 🙂

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