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Ladies mountain biking is evolving as Meg Broswick explains

Mountain biking is evolving, growing and becoming more mainstream, and I’m ok with it. I have watched this happen before my eyes, living and riding bikes in British Columbia, Canada over the last decade. There never used to be ladies only rides or clinics, or if there were they weren’t in most of our communities. […]

The road to recovery and back to the UK

It’s been nearly 6months since I broke both arms crashing my bike into a tree while play riding on my local Nelson trails. My right required surgery, placing two plates to hold together the many fragments of the shattered radius and ulna. After 6weeks completely off the bike I was able to start ‘nana’ riding […]

TAS-MANIA!! Meggie Bichard reports on her latest EWS race in Tassie

After a brief week at home in Nelson sorting out the wet, muddy and generally abused gear from EWS Rotorua we made our way to the next EWS stop, Tassie. Straight to the rural North-East from Launceston, twisting roads, towering Eucalyptus and large amounts of road kill. Track walking is customary in the days leading up […]