I am always and forever be driven by a desire to help women discover their own power and voice through physical activity and mental toughness. I see myself as the kind of person who is more motivated by what I can’t do, than what I can do. In the magical words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

I am American born, British bred living in England for 30 years while raising my family as a single parent and a very hands on mom. Sport has always been in my life to some degree but while going through a very unhappy chapter, it became my saviour. In my late 30s I began jogging home after dropping my boys at school, maybe 400meters and I thought that was far. I knew the more I ran the better I felt, so I kept running . It wasn’t fast but that didn’t matter, I realised physically activity was becoming a big part in my life.

This progressed into running local 5 and 10k races, which my children always, without hesitation, thought I was going to win…bless them. I then put my new running passion towards the London Marathon in memory of my mother who died of MS when I was 11. By then I was slowly approaching 40 and with a few marathons under my belt, I set my sights on my next challenge.

The next challenge was to be my very first triathlon, it was to be the marathon of triathlons, it was an Ironman. Ironman distance is 2.4miles swim-112miles bike-26.2miles run all completed in under 17hours, yes within 1 day. This was all part of my journey into finding out how much I could push myself and seeing where my physical and mental limits were. As well as I seemed to be setting the cool mom example for my boys who were quite young at the time, so I needed to make the most of that.

After competing in Ironman Triathlons around the world, I decided to shift my focus to shorter distance racing and went out to qualify for the GB Age Group Team. I raced for my country multiple times at the Worlds and European Championships across all distances. Racing and competing I always found it fun and exciting even at the top levels. I was never one for getting too stressed before the start of a race because if I made it to the start line, then I was going to enjoy every second of it.


Family History: the youngest and ONLY girl of 3 brothers

A fact not many people know about you: I hate getting my hair wet

Your age at your 1st Ironman: 42

Favourite Discipline: started out running but now is cycling and I tolerate the swim

Most embarrassing racing moment: disqualified from my own race not knowing the course

Heels or Sneakers: Gotta have them both

Morning Motivation: Getting it done early sets my day up for greatness

Most important item in my kit bag: Lip gloss
Biggest Challenge: Surviving Breast Cancer
Design Inspiration: Making something pretty out of something functional

Slogan in Life: Never Underestimate ME! (You may have seen this on our social media and some of our clothing?)

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